Your Own Custom Website — Made Simple

Code is poetry. It’s also history. And business. And self-expression.

Learn how to make WordPress work for you. 

We love WordPress. We’ve implemented in on successful blogs, used it to build a site for the New York Film Festival, and use it every day ourselves. We want WordPress to be available to everyone, and in that spirit, are please to present several ways to build that site you’ve always wanted.

New Course!

Creating a website for your business can seem daunting — it doesn’t need to be.

With a brand-new WordPress theme, Twentytwelve, you can make a completely unique, branded website, without using Photoshop, hiring a designer, or spending hours of sweat and toil on your site. 

This course is for the entrepreneur, small business owner or creative who wants to know *just enough* about WordPress to create a killer website all their own.

Because it’s completely up to date on all the features of WordPress 3+, and the brand-new default theme Twentytwelve, it’s a great course for those who have some familiarity with WordPress but want to take their skills to the next level.

By focusing not only on building you a great site but also on branding, it will further help you launch a site well positioned stand out and get surfaced in search. 

In the course, you’ll follow along a set of short lectures while building your own website. You’ll learn how to make a child theme (but you’ll also be able to download a sample).

What you’ll have at the end of the course:

A cool-looking, mobile-responsive website that has custom web fonts and a strong, branded positioning without a lot of muss or fuss.

What you won’t get:

  • A cookie-cutter site based on a theme that looks like everyone else’s
  • A better understanding of Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator (though they are helpful, you don’t need them and they aren’t covered)
  • A deep look at theme functions in PHP (because all the customizations we’re doing can be done in CSS)
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