Time Enough at Last

When I was a young lass, I had my first brush with the concept of “time management.” My mom took me to a Franklin Covey seminar, got me a smart binder in leatherette, and a important training in the principles of prioritization was mine. I was kind of amazed at how easy it was to manage time when you broke it down into smaller chunks.

Since then I’ve been a little obsessed with efficiency. I am typically juggling one thousand projects and I hate it when anything falls through the cracks and I miss some key task. In lieu of what happens in that classic Twilight Zone episode where a guy gets locked in a bank vault during a nuclear apocalypse, I’m always looking for crafty ways to squeeze a few more tasks out of an action-packed day.

I hope to have a video up soon to explain how I use these things in greater depth, but here are some things that I’ve tried in the past three months:

How do you stay on top of your to-do list?

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