The Big Idea [VIDEO]: How to Develop a “Hacker Mentality” with Matt Bolish of @filmlinc

During the last New York Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center did something new and really cool. They hosted a 2-day event called “Convergence” which focused on discussions, workshops and presentations related to immersive storytelling.

I attended one of the days, and I had a fantastic experience. But what impressed me most about the success of the event was how much risk-taking it required:

  • Because the “transmedia” audience is so far outside the NYFF’s usual crowd, how do you find and attract them?
  • What sort of programming would work to excite the audience?
  • How can you pull together a compelling and cohesive event with limited budget and resources?

I’m a huge fan of “bootstrapping” — building low-budget initiatives from scratch, and so I was curious about how the Film Society had put this event together and made it so stimulating in such a short amount of time.

In this interview I did with Convergence champion and ring-leader Matt Bolish, find out:

  • What a “hacker mentality” is and how to cultivate it
  • The value of working with partner organizations
  • Why you should foster an environment of experimentation within your organization

I think these tips are great for anyone seeking to make a big impact on a small budget. I hope you enjoy the interview!

A note about these “Digital Marketing Case Studies”: I produced them for an appearance at the Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Arts Marketers, and there are more to come!

For more on transmedia and immersive storytelling, check out Storycode, and become a fan of the Film Society’s Convergence initiative on Facebook.

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