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The Big Idea: Using Video on a Budget

Quick, raise your hand if Apple computer convinced you that anyone could make a professional-looking video in virtually no time at all. If someone can get a bajillion hits on YouTube with a cat playing the piano, there must be something to this whole viral video concept. But before you start really using video in social, […]

Cool YouTube tricks

It’s often hard to fully grasp YouTube’s grass-roots possibilities when confronted by its sheer dominance of the online video marketplace. Vimeo may have the artsy imprimatur, but YouTube is doubtless the behemoth, each day churning through a blizzard of hits coming from hundreds of thousands of bored office workers. Of course, YouTube is the place where […]

[Video] The One-Hour Website: Bootstrap your Next Online Initiative with WordPress is now Live!

Working at the Film Society of Lincoln Center for a little more than two and half years was such a blast because it really tested my creativity and allowed me to open up a lot of new digital frontiers for the successful development of new community support and awareness of their programs:  

The Value in Cultivating a Wild and Wooly Online Community

When I first saw Facebook, I have to admit I felt a bit disappointed. It was so boxy, so blue. There didn’t seem to be a lot of room for personal expression and idiosyncrasy. And that’s always been the way with Facebook: what you gain in uniformity (a great equalizing effect, and an end to […]

Friday Roundup: #smwnyc, #suxorz, going viral on Youtube

I started the week sipping on Maccallan, with my Social Media Week peeps at the New York Public Library. Note to self: spend less time behind my computer screen, more time speaking with the cats who are chasing the frontiers of the space. One eternal question at tech and social media confluxes is: can viral […]