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Should You Tumblr?

I just spent the last weekend grilling my friend’s fourteen-year-old niece about her cohorts’ use of digital media. Did you know that teenagers don’t use email? They love Snapchat and something called Kick? And Facebook — never, ever Facebook! Everything changes so fast. Even my opinions about Tumblr. You may have heard a thing or […]

It’s a post-off at the OK Corral! Which blogging option offers the quickest draw?

In all the talk of “social media” we sometimes think of the term as being synonymous with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Social media isn’t just “friending,” “fanning,” and “liking,” it’s any media that you just can’t help but want to weigh in on and share. For that reason, it’s important to never lose […]

Building Your Own Website Vs. Building On Top of a Well-Established Service or Social Network

I was prompted to write this post after seeing an article in Mashable called Is Social Media Making Corporate Sites Irrelevant? Particularly this quote: There was a time when having a dotcom was absolutely key to your brand, and once you had one, it was the URL you pointed everyone to in all of your […]

Camera Special: The Basics of Mobile Photo Sharing on Flickr, Instagram, Posterous and Tumblr

Photos, it is often said, are among the most shared item on the social networks. Also, the juggernaut that is Facebook has rapidly eclipsed dedicated photo sharing sites like Flickr. I remember mentioning using Flickr in a recent meeting, and everyone was like Flickr? What’s that? I’ve always loved taking and sharing photographs, but it […]

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Online and Social Media Identities on the Same Page

This post on Read Write Web on a new service called Fully Follow Me (which helps you to follow contacts across the disparate popular social networks) got me thinking. How well are you connecting your online social selves?