Summer Pie-Days

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Summer Fridays are a beloved New York media company institution.

I remembered when I first heard about them. It was likely my first full time job, slinging copy for the Quality Paperback Book Club. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, all of Friday afternoon gloriously off!

Now that I’m indie, I have to be more conscious about not falling into a work hole. So I’ve been thinking a lot about “Summer Fridays” — what would it mean if I took them?

I think I’d like to use the opportunity to work on something that’s more of a lark, something fun.

I thought a bit about holding office hours at my favorite pie store, Four and Twenty Blackbirds. But I’m also on a crusade to stop spreading myself too thin. And once I start hearing about cool business challenges, I get obsessed. What can I say?

So I think I’m going to use my summer pie days to start working on a marketing resource for small businesses that I’ve been toying around with in my head. Guidance on being authentic and social and unmistakably¬†you in your marketing efforts. How to master the basics like online advertising and showing up in search while building your fledgling brand.

I’ll need help with this. So if you have a small business and need to boost your marketing efforts, leave me a comment or drop me a line. I just might enlist your help as a “beta tester.”

Now, back to this pie!

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