Summer Pie-Days (Bushwick Edition)

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Friday, I planned to do my usual, hit Four and Twenty Blackbirds for a new tradition I’m calling Summer Pie-days.

It’s a chance to sit down and think about small business marketing — what I can write, what resources I can create, how I can build connections.

This Pie-day had different plans for me however. I ended up miscalculating my way to Bushwick, wandering down brightly lit industrial streets in the summer swelter looking for 3rd Ward.

This place was slightly the Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of creative spaces for me — intimidating and inscrutable.

What I found inside was a pleasant surprise. An amazing space, and an incredible incubator for Brooklyn makers. Woodshops, artists studios, classrooms, coworking spaces — the place seemed to faintly hum.

I really enjoyed talking to the folks at 3rd Ward about their community, many of them local Brooklyn businesses, exactly the sort of passionate people I most like to work with.

Of course I made it a Pie-day, at Roberta’s. Man I had forgotten how good this was.

I hadn’t imagined my Pie-days being this adventurous but what can I say?

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