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Recap of #vimeofest, plus top resources for filmmakers

Awesome news! My post about the Vimeo Festival and Awards is up on the awesome Future of Film blog over at Tribeca Film. In it, you’ll find lots of great tips for inventive digital outreach, including crafting great incentives for participation, changing the container of how your film is distributed, and more. Check it out!

In awe of the woman with the hand-lettered sign (thoughts on @amandapalmer)

For many years I made my living primarily as a professional word-slinger. Finding sixteen hour days on movie sets a poor vocational choice for the long-tem (however romantic and adventurous), I turned to the air-conditioned confines of the copywriter’s life. And it could be cush. One job I would routinely spend one week massaging a […]

Making Movies

When I was at NYU film school I had one of the coolest jobs ever. I was a teaching assistant. Sometimes I worked with the same professors, and sometimes I rolled the dice and let the administrators pair me up with someone new. One semester I got assigned to an instructor, a gentleman from the former […]

Free and ultra-cheap music, stock footage and imagery to enhance your multi-media projects

If you’re an indie type, where do you find music to put into your videos that won’t cripple your budget? Where can you find stock photography that won’t break the bank? These are things I’ve asked myself over the years working on a variety of multimedia projects. It’s true that while working on projects that […]

[Video] The One-Hour Website: Bootstrap your Next Online Initiative with WordPress is now Live!

Working at the Film Society of Lincoln Center for a little more than two and half years was such a blast because it really tested my creativity and allowed me to open up a lot of new digital frontiers for the successful development of new community support and awareness of their programs: