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Google+ Hangout on Air Replay of Monetizing Your Blog

Exciting news! I’ve started doing Google+ Hangouts on Air on a variety of topics related to small businesses and marketing. My first was Monetizing Your Blog, and it’s filled with tips and strategies for making some profit with a passion project — or starting a blogging business. Get all the resources you need to start […]

The Big Idea [VIDEO]: How to Develop a “Hacker Mentality” with Matt Bolish of @filmlinc

During the last New York Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center did something new and really cool. They hosted a 2-day event called “Convergence” which focused on discussions, workshops and presentations related to immersive storytelling. I attended one of the days, and I had a fantastic experience. But what impressed me most about […]

Free-fallin’: Red Bull, Expedia and the Evolution of Advertising Storytelling

I’m teaching a class on brand writing right now — and I’m really enjoying it. When you work in online marketing as I do, I tell the students, often you are consumed with the technical side of things — the intricacies of conversion and getting people to do what you want them to do. Brand writing seems […]

The Big Idea: Using Video on a Budget

Quick, raise your hand if Apple computer convinced you that anyone could make a professional-looking video in virtually no time at all. If someone can get a bajillion hits on YouTube with a cat playing the piano, there must be something to this whole viral video concept. But before you start really using video in social, […]