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Should You Tumblr?

I just spent the last weekend grilling my friend’s fourteen-year-old niece about her cohorts’ use of digital media. Did you know that teenagers don’t use email? They love Snapchat and something called Kick? And Facebook — never, ever Facebook! Everything changes so fast. Even my opinions about Tumblr. You may have heard a thing or […]

Amazing Women That You (and @GaryVee) Should Be Following on Twitter!

  So. Gary Vaynerchuk, the digital media guru who launched a thousand brands into the social media sphere, just released a two-part list of “19 Essential Twitter Follows.” And…amazingly, it’s almost all male. Just 2 women in 19. Before you say I’m jumping the gun on his little list — hold up. This is Twitter we’re […]

BBQ and Email Marketing

…are not something you typically see in the same headline. Unless, I guess, you are in Austin for SXSW (I sat the past one this one out this year). But email marketing has great things to offer BBQ, says Pitmaster Daniel Delaney of Briskettown. I saw him speak on a Social Media Week panel at […]

Don’t you wish getting your brand out on the web could be easy?

Everywhere I go I get the same sort of questions and comments from creative people, authors, filmmakers and small businesses. I know I need a website to showcase my (business/portfolio/startup) but where do I start? My cousin set me up with a WordPress site but I don’t like the template and I feel like my hands are […]

Six social media sacred cows worth slaughtering

I had an amazing corporate training gig a couple of months ago. I was brought in to lead a communications training that covered effective copywriting and social media tactics to a major media company. A very funny media company. One that is wildly, wildly successful in social media. Could basically write the book on building raving […]

The Art of the Ask

I have a huge respect for those who “ask” for a living. Fundraising pros, salespeople. It’s tough. I recently had a pretty high pressure job that kept me up at night. Why? I realized after thinking about it that it was the job was about asking, cajoling, negotiating. When I like to be the person who gives, […]

The Truth About Facebook’s Promoted Posts & Why Everyone Needs to Chill

Facebook is now offering brands and marketers the opportunity to pay to get their posts seen more through something called “promoted posts.” You pay a few bucks and ensure that your latest update will get seen by more of your audience. I knew it was coming — I was in a test group that played around […]