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Should You Tumblr?

I just spent the last weekend grilling my friend’s fourteen-year-old niece about her cohorts’ use of digital media. Did you know that teenagers don’t use email? They love Snapchat and something called Kick? And Facebook — never, ever Facebook! Everything changes so fast. Even my opinions about Tumblr. You may have heard a thing or […]

Amazing Women That You (and @GaryVee) Should Be Following on Twitter!

  So. Gary Vaynerchuk, the digital media guru who launched a thousand brands into the social media sphere, just released a two-part list of “19 Essential Twitter Follows.” And…amazingly, it’s almost all male. Just 2 women in 19. Before you say I’m jumping the gun on his little list — hold up. This is Twitter we’re […]

Don’t you wish getting your brand out on the web could be easy?

Everywhere I go I get the same sort of questions and comments from creative people, authors, filmmakers and small businesses. I know I need a website to showcase my (business/portfolio/startup) but where do I start? My cousin set me up with a WordPress site but I don’t like the template and I feel like my hands are […]

Six social media sacred cows worth slaughtering

I had an amazing corporate training gig a couple of months ago. I was brought in to lead a communications training that covered effective copywriting and social media tactics to a major media company. A very funny media company. One that is wildly, wildly successful in social media. Could basically write the book on building raving […]

The Art of the Ask

I have a huge respect for those who “ask” for a living. Fundraising pros, salespeople. It’s tough. I recently had a pretty high pressure job that kept me up at night. Why? I realized after thinking about it that it was the job was about asking, cajoling, negotiating. When I like to be the person who gives, […]