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Fostering Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (A #SMW panel)

I attended quite a few events during Social Media Week, and I enjoyed them all immensely, but this particular event was one that I thought was worth sharing. It was hosted by American Express OPEN Forum, and featured speakers who come from the startup, venture funding and public policy worlds. How do we make the entrepreneurial environment […]


One of the best lessons I learned in startupland was about competition. Namely that there isn’t any. Not really. Another company doing something similar? What if you “integrated,” that is to say, brought your technologies together, and reached a much bigger user base than you might have had before? On the marketing and outreach fronts, […]

Great content — and why it’s nothing without great strategy

Great content trumps everything, right? That’s the thesis of an article I was reading in a blog called SocialMouths entitled Questioning All Advice, Rules And Best Practices For Social Media Success.  The author’s thesis is as follows: you can break all of the so-called “social media rules” and still be extremely successful, so long as your […]

Rolling with the punches (of @Meetup, Metallica, and valuable mistakes)

I’m a huge Meetup fan — I’m a member of a ton, and attend several religiously. So enamored of the concept am I that I signed up for additional notifications from Meetup, of newly forming Meetups and ones that I “might be interested in.” So I’m getting a lot of emails I’m getting from Meetup […]