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Google+ Hangout on Air Replay of Monetizing Your Blog

Exciting news! I’ve started doing Google+ Hangouts on Air on a variety of topics related to small businesses and marketing. My first was Monetizing Your Blog, and it’s filled with tips and strategies for making some profit with a passion project — or starting a blogging business. Get all the resources you need to start […]

Summer Pie-Days (Bushwick Edition)

Friday, I planned to do my usual, hit Four and Twenty Blackbirds for a new tradition I’m calling Summer Pie-days. It’s a chance to sit down and think about small business marketing — what I can write, what resources I can create, how I can build connections. This Pie-day had different plans for me however. […]

Should You Tumblr?

I just spent the last weekend grilling my friend’s fourteen-year-old niece about her cohorts’ use of digital media. Did you know that teenagers don’t use email? They love Snapchat and something called Kick? And Facebook — never, ever Facebook! Everything changes so fast. Even my opinions about Tumblr. You may have heard a thing or […]

The Truth About Facebook’s Promoted Posts & Why Everyone Needs to Chill

Facebook is now offering brands and marketers the opportunity to pay to get their posts seen more through something called “promoted posts.” You pay a few bucks and ensure that your latest update will get seen by more of your audience. I knew it was coming — I was in a test group that played around […]

The Big Idea: Running Paid Ads on @Twitter, @Facebook, @LinkedIn and @Google

“Self-serve” digital advertising platforms from the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google are an incredible way to scale your advertising budget to the most micro-targeted niche. They first started with Google, got a fresh and promising spin on Facebook and have now come to Twitter and LinkedIn. Each platform has its own quirks and […]