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Local Pride

Last week I attended the Northside Entrepreneurship Festival. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. By combining the trendy, somewhat overused term “entrepreneur,” the hotness that is Brooklyn and a stark, industrial warehouse-type space, it could either be brilliant or a parody of itself. As Spinal Tap put it, there’s a very fine line between […]

In awe of the woman with the hand-lettered sign (thoughts on @amandapalmer)

For many years I made my living primarily as a professional word-slinger. Finding sixteen hour days on movie sets a poor vocational choice for the long-tem (however romantic and adventurous), I turned to the air-conditioned confines of the copywriter’s life. And it could be cush. One job I would routinely spend one week massaging a […]

Searching for Success in the Connection Economy: Or, I Spent All Day in a Room with Seth Godin

Yesterday I went from a person who only had a vague notion of Seth Godin as a marketing-guru-slash-author to one of those people who quotes Seth Godin like he’s the number one God of all things futuristic and innovative. Sorry if I’m late to the party, friends. I attended an all-day conference with the man […]

Opportunities and Pitfalls in the Age of the Artist as Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be a creator in 2012? It means you’ve got to be ready to be your own cheerleader, creating websites, micro-marketing and just figuring out by hook or by crook how to get seen by the world. But¬†entrepreneur? Is this the new de facto addition all writers, actors, critics and filmmakers […]