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Google+ Hangout on Air Replay of Monetizing Your Blog

Exciting news! I’ve started doing Google+ Hangouts on Air on a variety of topics related to small businesses and marketing. My first was Monetizing Your Blog, and it’s filled with tips and strategies for making some profit with a passion project — or starting a blogging business. Get all the resources you need to start […]

Why does your social media presence need a dose of “sanity”?

I was first inspired to write “Sane Social Media” because of something I kept hearing from friends and readers. These were creative, self-starting people, but they were overwhelmed with the choices available to them in the digital space. They knew that outlets like blogging, Twitter and Facebook had catapulted interesting, creative people to new careers […]

Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Picture

I know it’s not exactly a revolutionary pronouncement, as we’ve known for quite a while that photos are among some of the most shareable, and “viral” content on the web. But when I was checking Facebook for the umpteenth time one day, and I was irresistibly drawn to click to see what the Christmas greeting […]

10 Great Free Digital Resources I Discovered in 2011

Last year, I was all about tricking out the iPad you got for Christmas. This year, as we pause for reflection between Christmas and New Year’s, I’ve been thinking a lot about the free resources that I’ve come across in the last year that have made my work easier, more efficient, or more creative.

Social Promotions on Facebook and Google+ — How to Do Them Without Violating Policy

Do you have your Google+ page yet? I’ve spent some time over the past couple of days grabbing the key brands that I am responsible for tending to, but I was interested to read that it seems Google+ has even more stringent rules around running promotions on their real estate than Facebook.