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A festival for fiction on Twitter

Everybody craves stories. And when something manages to rise above the social media fray and grab our attention, it’s usually got story behind it. That’s what I tell my students at least. Last night we were talking “real-time” marketing and the memes that emerged during Sandy and the Election. Here are a few of my faves:  

The Big Idea: Linking Startups and Nonprofits

I’ve taken a short little break from blogging. Partially it’s because I was wrapping up a MASSIVE amount of projects and prepping for a time when writing and teaching will come to more of the front burner. I’m very much looking forward to that! In the coming weeks I’ll have lots of new stuff to […]

The Big Idea: When You Only Have One Customer

“If you are thinking of starting a non-transactional consumer startup, be aware that you are entering what is perhaps the most competitive sector in tech in the last decade,” say Chris Dixon in a post provocatively entitled “Ten million users is the new one million users.” “Non-transactional” simply means you don’t sell anything directly. Picture […]