Burning up the keyboard

I’ve had the image you see above (which is by theĀ Argentine conceptual artist Leopoldo Maler) above my desk for some years. Part of it is the romance of the Underwood typewriter (which is what all of the hardboiled detective novelists used supposedly) and part of it is just a reminder to keep burning up the keys.Ā 

Burning up the keys is what I’ve been doing. I’ve promised to deliver my first ebook on April 15th, and I’m in it to win it! Sane Social Media will contain some of the materials that might be familiar to readers of this blog, but contains lots of new tips and material aimed at doing one thing: getting all of your social “selves” on one page so you can shine in your career or vocation.

I hope you’ll sign up to be one of the first recipients of this ebook. It’s free!

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