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A Roadmap to Starting a Business in 2013

Earlier in the summer, I began a new gig writing about entrepreneurship for It’s a really great opportunity to talk about everything from fund-raising to business plans to maintaining a work-life balance. For 2013, I’m doing a little something different with my web destination on entrepreneurship. I’m going to breakdown the many hurdles, opportunities […]

The Big Idea [VIDEO]: How to Develop a “Hacker Mentality” with Matt Bolish of @filmlinc

During the last New York Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center did something new and really cool. They hosted a 2-day event called “Convergence” which focused on discussions, workshops and presentations related to immersive storytelling. I attended one of the days, and I had a fantastic experience. But what impressed me most about […]

A festival for fiction on Twitter

Everybody craves stories. And when something manages to rise above the social media fray and grab our attention, it’s usually got story behind it. That’s what I tell my students at least. Last night we were talking “real-time” marketing and the memes that emerged during Sandy and the Election. Here are a few of my faves: